Welcome To My Web Site !!
- what's a webring? -
ask your grandparents haha jk but seriously they'd probably know
a webring is a loose association of websites that share a common theme, by banding together via a common old timey navigation bar they can increase the visibility of the whole. ideally.

- why a webring? -
i can't find nothin when i look for it on the internet no more

- whomst've may participate? -
all gamedev and adjacent are welcome, barring those who promote harm or hate

- HOW -
fill out this form, send me your url via rainbowcemetery[at]gmail.com like its 1999, or msg me if you know me it's fine. no shady redirect links tho plz im old and scared. any site is fine, you need only enough access to add links to become part of the ring.

once accepted, add a bit of advanced html to your site somewhere convenient and you're done :O for example -


feel free to be more or less fancy than if you feel like it all are valid.

-additional note-
your place in the ring will be determined by the referring URL, if there is a possibility that the navigation bar will not be the same URL as the landing page, replace the ?id=0 in the navigation links with your position on the LIST.
this webring is also a member a webringring :O


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